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Harvest Moon 64 (Bokujō Monogatari 2 in Japan) is a farm simulation game for the Nintendo 64. Harvest Moon 64 is the fourth game in the Harvest Moon series, following a game for SNES, the Game Boy, and the Game Boy Color respectively.

Harvest Moon 64 has a strong fanbase and it considered by many to be the best in the series. It was ranked 78th greatest Nintendo game of all time by Nintendo Power and Mars
Publishing's Parent's Guide to Nintendo Games gave it the only Parent's Guide Choice Award for an N64 game.

As you play the game you watch the town and its people struggle with their own personal challenges. Many times, without your intervention, they will fail. Additionally the townspeople slowly open up to you as you talk to them and give them gifts, often reciprocating with their own presents. The characters are believed to be descendents from the first Harvest Moon game, and are reused inBack to Nature and Friends of Mineral Town.

The overall objective of the game revolves around inheriting your recently deceased grandfather's farm. You then have two and 1/4 years to get the farm up and running before your dad evaluates you on your progress. Your evaluation is based on the villager's affections for you, way you've been living (number of times you've been sick and time spent "relaxing" fishing), and how well developed your farm is. The challenge in the game is that of time management; time accelerates faster in this game then most any other Harvest Moon title. Due to this fact, a perfect ending is rarely encountered.

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